Jeep Beach of Florida is Waving with Success

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Nov 30, 2006
Jeep Beach is just getting a good start and the hotel is filling up, the beach is alive, meetings are happening, fun is everywhere, and the future looks pretty darn bright around these parts around the famous Daytona Beach, FL..

We've already hooked up with some of the initial group for a kick off dinner at Hooters in Daytona Beach. We've picked up a donated car from the great folks at Daytona Dodge (Auto Mall). We've had several meetings with vendors and friends, and the BlueRibbon Coalition name is getting around fast.

Oh, did I mention that we managed to also photograph a few gators from an airboat on the St. John's River near Christmas, Florida, just south of Daytona Beach.

Also, I hear the raffle here at Jeep Beach is over $20k (that's not official, but it's still growing). Sweet.

My hat is already off to the organizers (Mid-Florida Jeep Club) of this event. Nice. We already have some new business members to BRC, and we're hoping for 10 new individual members a day here at the event -- perhaps more?

It's all good.


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