It Runnns!!!!!!!

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Apr 18, 2005
Orlando, Fl
I am proud to say my cruiser that didn't run 10months ago at all is now currently on the road and has some new parts!!! BUT...there's a catch. When my rig idles it rev's up to a little higher rpms, then comes back down, then rev's up, then down. Its racing. Also, when I drive it at low rpms, it jerks itself...almost like its trying to get power but its having trouble kinda. I'm swayed to believe its not the timing...because I have adjusted it and I know its pretty much exactly where it needs to be. Could it be a vacuum leak? or do you think its the carb adjustment such as air,gas mixture??? Thanks guys I really appreciate it...Although, I have been driving it around like a beast lately...but the jerking is really just annoying.

Newrider // Ryan

Vacuum leak can contribute to this....

If you pull the choke out a little, does it smooth out? I am not talking about increasing the engine RPMS to 1500...just pull the choke out a little to enrich the fuel/air mixture and see what happens.

Spray carb cleaner around the outside of the carb where it mounts to the manifold, and spray the manifold where it meets the head....if you have a leak, the rpms will increase....

Good luck!

Ill try that out...and get back to the board...thanks

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