Is this OK????

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El Tractor
May 6, 2007
San Juan Puerto Rico
Is this hose Ok? I looked at the hose in my other Cruiser and looks "normal". Bothers me that "lizard" texture.:confused:
Weird looking hose.jpg
I'm not sure what hose that is, but if it has coolant running through it, then "no." If it is an air/exhaust hose or emission related then it is fine.
Is part of the emissions system. Don't even knows what does.
it almost looks dry rotted, I would replace it if I were you just to be on the safe side.

Hose is cheap, problems are not.
whoa. Dont have any hoses like that. Dry rot like other said, or some PO decided to spray it with something to help....?? something??

Seems to bulge quite a bit through the clamp.... been there awhile I presume.
On 2nd look that appears to go to a check valve either to the air rail or ABV. If it's not leaking don't waste your money replacing it until it does. It won't hurt anything or strand you if it starts to go.
As of now, I won't do anything about that hose.:cool:

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