Is there a fuse layout for the 2016+ 200s? It's not in the manual like earlier models.

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Nov 13, 2011
My 2016 manual has the location of the different fuse boxes, but it doesn't give the layout like the 2008-2015 manuals. Those manuals have a fuse layout for each fuse box that shows the fuse name, amps, and circuit description. I find this very helpful when doing electrical additions or troubleshooting electrical issues.

To better describe what I'm referring to, I attached a page from the 2015 manual. Looking at my 2016 manual, these tables are not present. They just cut out this section. Not sure why. It's a bit of a guessing game making sense of all the fuse abbreviations if you're in a pinch. I was wondering if there's any place to find a table like this for the 2016. Thanks.

I guess I'm out of luck here? No fuse layouts for 2016+ models?
I couldn't find one in the Owners Manual for my 2017 Land Cruiser. If you take the cover off the fuse box, it has a description similar to the first 2 columns of the list you posted on the under side.
Yeah, I know there's fuse names on the underside of the tops, but it's nice having the circuit descriptions, too. And, having everything laid out to flip through is nice like in the older manuals.

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