Is It Sold?

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Mar 13, 2007
Wichita, Ks.
United States
I know this is just a question, but I believe it is pertinent to this area.

Is there any kind of unknown, or posted rule for maybe deleting a post once an item is sold?

I just see alot of posts I keep finding of items that I get excited about, to only find out the item is sold. Just a suggestion, and hope I'm not out of line, but is there a reason why posts on items for sale arnt deleted after purchase?

Maybe put a new title (if it's possible) with so and so item for this vehicle sold for $xxx.xx. Or just delete it all together?

Sorry if this is a stupid request or question, please excuse my ignorance and or noobness. Hopefully this doesnt get me :ban: :D and someone can learned me. :hillbilly:

Thanks for your time and patience with this question,

As a user, I've never figured out how to change a title of a thread or delete a thread I created. I think pirate4x4 allows thread deletions but again, haven't found that feature here on mud. As well, I once posted a price of a for sale item in the title and later tried to change the title to lower the price but couldn't figure out how to change the title.

Maybe, this thread should be moved to mud help.
you can edit/delete posts and threads you've made in the dit feature IIRC.

I agree that it's quite annoying when sold items aren't deleted...

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