is engine removal req'd for ring job?

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Feb 14, 2006
Woody P
Hi all,

just wondering if I needed to have a new set of rings put in, due to low compression, is engine removal required to have this done? If so how much is a reasonable price, and while I am at it should I just replace the entire piston assembly or just the cylinder heads as well? The head gasket is not blown, and I am not sure about the condition of the valves. 79' that idles and runs pretty smooth. I am about to buy this one and will have a compression test done prior to final price negotiation. Thanks for the help

If the cylinder bores are within spec, there is no reason to remove the block...

If they are not, then it will need to come out and go to a machine shop, unless you know someone with portable precision boring abilities..... ;) and then, I would doubt that they have the tooling to preform this task accurately.

Cylinder heads???

Good luck!

I have a 1972 FJ 55 with bad rings and 2 bad pistons currently at the shop. My mechanic said he can get to the pistons thru the oil pan but he removed the head to check the pistons. So, he needs to replace both the oil pan and head gaskets when he puts it all back together. I bought 6 new pistons w/ standard rings and wrist pins from Cool Cruisers of Texas for $300 which is a decent price IMHO. Also, as long as the head is off you might consider sending it to a machine shop to check for warpage. Not sure on labor for all of this but engine removal definately not needed.

If your engine is still running, I would assess the oil pressure with a mechanical gage. You are going to probably invest $1500 in new rings, pistons and a valve job (maybe $1000 if you're lucky). Many cruisers seem to die from lack of oil pressure, which comes primarily from worn main and cam bearings (Poser and others who are more in-the-know can comment on this assertion). A ring + valve job does nothing to address low oil pressure.

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