Iron Man Instant Room Used Once (2.0m wide x 2.5 out)

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Jun 27, 2007
Peachland, BC
For Sale: Iron Man Instant Room Used Once (2.0m wide x 2.5 out)


I have Ironman's instant room for sale: We're going a different route. This room was set up once and has some dirt on the canvass from folding it on blacktop.

Shipping from Canada. Its heavy an comes with carry bag and all ancillaries. Floor was never used.

I'd like it gone: It cost me $442.00 yours for $200 firm plus ride:

Link to the room is here:


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And I'll be bringing in more awnings in late September/early October. Buy this room and an awning and you'll be set up for less than the new cost of the room.

Awning price $236 + tax.
Other thoughts:

The room works with Ironman's awning. There are three awnings. This one works with the 2.0x2.5m which is 79 inches wide and 98 inches out. It clips right onto the supports of the awning it was designed for.

The room weighs 30 lbs and takes up about as much room as a sleeping bag when its in its carry bag

The wall material is the same as the awning material which is a rip stop canvass. The floor is a PVC type of material. This arrangement is like a three sided cube where the awning would work as a fly cover. In other words the room has a ceiling which is covered also by the awning. The floor zips in as optional and you can access your vehicle doors from the inside of the room

This sale is for the room only.
I'm a few years late. :(

Anyone know where I can find the Ironman 2.0x2.5m awning room in Canada or the US?

I have an ARB3111US (2.0m wide) awning, and the Ironman looks like the perfect size for it. ;)


Hi js, I'm the local Ironman dealer.

It looks like I'll be able to bring these in again soon. Feel free to PM me or email cruisinoffroad (at) shaw (dot) ca if you have any questions, or are looking for any parts.


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