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Aug 31, 2020
western slope
I recently acquired a 2004 GX470. Ash Blue Mica,no nav, no KDSS, no upgrades, missing rear spoiler(the holes aren't missing), rear door handle is still about to break, very slow drip from diff actuator,130K on clock. Soon after purchase, the check engine and vsc lights came on. Not gas cap. Downstream O2 sensor 2. I replaced both. Lights went right out. Driver side came out with the tool thing but the pass side was frozen in but good. I sawzalled it off so I could get a socket and breaker bar on it. Even then I had to go back and forth to get it out. I would suggest letting the penetrating oil sit overnight if possible. Buy 02 sensors from rock auto not napa$$$. I have the oil change and transmission flush stuff ready to go so I've something to do this weekend. I live 5 minutes away from some amazing places to play 4x4 and this truck is badass in its stock form.
I like the White Knuckle rock sliders. They seem to be best value but there's a few that are pretty close in price.
I have no idea what to put in for audio but something has to be done and soon.
I have TIG at work and a bunch of sheet Al for a fold down door table.
Wife and I are going down to Ouray in a week, for a week, if the weather holds. We want to do the Alpine loop and maybe Imogene Pass. There are more trails around there than you could do in a month let alone a week.
Welcome! Sounds like a fun project. Denso 02 sensors from RockAuto are definitely the way to go!

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