Intro: new 2003 GX 470 owner near Seattle (good shops?) (1 Viewer)

Nov 7, 2020
Washington, United States
Hello All,

I believe this is the appropriate forum for a (specific) new member intro. Accidentally posted in the J100 Land Cruiser forum first (doh!)

So, greetings!
We just bought a 2003 GX 470 in pretty clean shape, about 168k with the belt/pump done in the 70's (miles that is ;))
We're close to Seattle WA.

Anyhow, really enjoying all the info here on common problems and challenges (e.g. I'm reading up on 2003 Nav mod options, like the Grom unit vs. a DIY delete).

Also enjoying reading about the range of aftermarket options and mods. Really reminds me of the Subaru WRX/STi community. Very technical and entrepreneurial!

A really simple (hopefully) question for anyone in the region with a similar vehicle:
Who are the good indie shops and commercial modders in the Puget Sound region? For my prior vehicles, it was super-helpful to have someone who can help with maintenance and modding strategy. My brother suggested any 4runner or off-road shops as a starting point. We already have a great general mechanic nearby; Lexus dealer is a bigger trip. Wondering in which areas we really need more enthusiast (or at least specialized) help.

Any tips appreciated!

Jan 24, 2018
Snoqualmie WA
Hey David - congrats on the new rig and welcome. I'm an 05 GX owner over in Snoqualmie. In the Seattle region the 3 shops I hear about the most are Torfab in Everett, Auburn Car Repair & Offroad & Mule in Issaquah.

Also you might consider joining GXOR-WA on Facebook, good local info there.

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