Installing Icon Stage 1 on my LC 200 Advice please

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Sep 24, 2014
Saratoga springs NY. Jamaica. VT
Just pulled the trigger on stage 1 Icon suspension yesterday and should have them next week. i'm sure this has been covered before on the forum but wondering if its worth the extra money for upper control arms? I probably will have the suspension set at about 2inches max. any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think you'll find it really isn't "required". There are offerings from SPC (adjustable upper control arms) and Total Chaos for the 200 readily available.. If I recall, the non-adjustable Total Chaos are made to offset a typical lift of 2-3" you get the added strength without the (un-needed) adjustability in your case.
At 2" you should be able to get the alignment in spec with the stock upper control arms. anything above 2.5" requires aftermarket arms.
if you can afford it, get the arms now. once you go to 2", its only a matter of time before you start thinking....hmmm 2 is ok, but 2.5 would be better.
Icons with the spring collar turned up to set the lift at 2" may be a little soft.
let us know how the install goes.

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