Inline dust separator

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Aug 27, 2006
Gladstone Qld
In an effort to help solve my Hiluxs dusting issues I have been looking for a suitable dust separator.
I have just purchased an aftermarket air box to get rid of the factory panel filter, it has a 4” inlet. Donaldson makes an in-line separator that would fit inside the guard and plumb up but I got quoted over $400 for it.:eek:
So before I drop crazy money on a spinny air cylinder, does anyone know of any alternatives? Even the blade part so I could fabricate my own.

The Donaldson separator.

The air box I went with, I optioned a paper filter over the foam.
That air-box won't help as it doesn't centrifuge the dirt out. You want a cylindrical donaldson air-filter.

I used one of these: FPG & FPG Alexin™ Air Cleaner | Donaldson Engine & Vehicle

I was looking through the Donaldson catalogue to try find a solution but the engine bay in this model is very tight and nothing will fit and provide suitable airflow and have inlet and outlet in the correct position.

I was hoping I can find a good quality paper pod filter for the air box and then inside the guard a cyclonic pre cleaner such as the one I posted to expel as much dust as possible before the filter. Even if I could find the inducer vanes I’d have a go at building something to suit my needs.
The dust separator on top of the snorkel works for tractors n such, so no reason it wouldn't for you.
Would a Donaldson dust separator on top of snorkel help, I know looks ugly.

It probably would except I don’t like snorkels, also the cost to install a snorkel would exceed the cost of one of those precleaners.
A mate of mine works at a truck supply shop (I forgot he worked there🙄)and he can get it in for me for $350I’m thinking that that’s a reasonable price for a proven technology from a reputable company.

Along with that I’m thinking I’ll install an S&B dry media filter in the aftermarket airbox, it’s the most efficient dry pod filter I’ve found so far.

either way it’s gotta be better than this:
Looks to me like the filter was leaking right around the edges!
Looks to me like the filter was leaking right around the edges!
Yeah it seems to be where they leak, not quite sure what Toyota was thinking...
Looks to me like the filter was leaking right around the edges!
Yeah it seems to be where they leak, not quite sure what Toyota was thinking...

A few of us Hilux owners tried putting o-ring grease around the seal, and while it helped it didn’t eliminate the problem. It still seems to pass dust through the media itself. These new hiluxs have had their fair share of issues, it is a bit disappointing.
So I went ahead and purchased the Donaldson in-line pre-cleaner I posted above along with the high flow airbox and paper filter.
And so far results are good! No sign of dust downstream of the filter and the pre-cleaner keeps a huge amount of dust from reaching the filter.
If you are looking for a pre-cleaner and don’t want a snorkel or a cyclone hat then I highly recommend these inline separators, if you can fit it in the guard.

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