Injector pump compatibility 1hdt

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Jan 8, 2015
Waikato New Zealand
Is there anywhere on this site that lists the compatibility of the various pump models that may fit my engine? I have a 1hdt, denso pump 762 lots of numbers on the plate also. Which are the relevant numbers that need to match before I can tell if an alternative pump will fit my engine?
My numbers...22100 17620 I have an oportunity to buy a second hand pump with the numbers 22100 17510 would that fit? Mine also has 096000 8611 1 and the other 096000 8360 2 I don't want to waste my money buying something that is of no use to me. Appreciate your help guys, great site, just need to familiarise myself on how to best navigate it to find things out. Cheers.
Try posting this in the diesel section and you'll have a lot more people contributing answers to your questions

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