Ignition coil mounting

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Feb 15, 2011
Richardson, TX
9/1966 FJ40 with factory ignition set up. I have coil part number "885782 - universal heavy duty 12 volt coil oil filled".

SOR diagrams indicate this part to be mounted with terminals facing down.

The plug wire kit I bought seems to agree with the image in SOR's catalog,because the coil wire is not long enough for the coil to be mounted in opposite orientation.

I currently have the system assembled like this. Does it look correct?
I would worry about it slipping down out of the clamp. I have a 1971 with the coil in the same spot/clamp but terminals facing up. Don't think it makes a difference but peace of mind for me. Clean engine btw.
My 64 fj45lv has been facing down for as long as I have had it..maybe always. Need to look at my 65
You can get a longer HT lead if you want it upright.
I don't need it to be upright if it will work correctly in the current arrangement. I was just making sure that this isn't going to cause a problem in any way. Thanks for the help, everyone.

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