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Sep 5, 2010
Denver, CO
My truck has been doing this on and off. Mostly when fully warmed up and not at cold start as most of the threads describe (from a quick search).

Today it happened again, I hop in and drive 20 miles to pickup my daughter. Truck fully warmed up, when I restart before I even put it into "D" I notice that it idles way to high - at nearly 2000 RPMs. I'm used to normal idle around 800-900RPMs, so 1800-2000 feels waaay too high. The truck lurches FWD as I put it into gear and I fight its tendency to pull FWD when in slow traffic - annoying.

Where do I start the diagnosis - I'll check the cables first, make sure nothing is stuck or out of place. I've read something about ISC (Idle Speed Control) valve - is there a way to test it individually?! I've also read something about MAF - not even sure where that is...

Need some help to get started - thx,
Aug 27, 2013
Mine has been doing that as well. Mine drops back down when I pull on the gas pedal. I just ordered some new throttle cable to see if it resolves the issue.

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