Wanted I need a fj40 frame

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Mar 13, 2007
gloucester MA
United States
Just sold some parts and have some cash!:) :) :)
thank you I just emailed him.
I have a frame, no mounts (shock, spring etc) on it, with a rollcage welded in if you're interested.
do you have pics
I have one or two, they're on my myspace page, but I can email if you like? I tried posting pics on here once and it didn't turn out too well but I could try again.
It's more of a project than just a frame to be honest with you, but I'm pulling the motor and all drive train out so it would just be the frame, rollcage and the front part of the cowl (no front clip) and about 1 foot of frame was cut off.
I ran out of money and time...what else is new?? Plus, after thinking things through a little more, It'd be nice to have an extreme rockcrawler obviously but i really want to build something I can wheel the piss out of and drive itself home, no trailer queens this time. So thats why I junked the '73 idea and I'm building the '78 now.
thanks for the pics but that's really not what I was looking for.
found one in vermont looks great.
thanks everyone

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