I got another one

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Jan 3, 2008
pensacola florida
I just bought another 80 series, it has 114k and factroy lockers, a brand new Lexus installed tranny with less than 2k on it and has NEVER seen a dirt road, the owner didnt even know it had lockers or what they did. It has a K40 radar detector front and rear and EVERYTHING on this rig works flawlessly. The only bad thing is the leather...its rough, the pics dot do it justice but I talked the owner down $800 (the price of new leather) plus a little more, the interior is really clean except the leather. I paid $6700. I got 17 mpg on the way home. I will build it as an expedition vehicle similar to my other 80 series, here are some pics.




Looks clean. Nice find!


greddy bastid....:cheers:..
Shweeeeet! Looks great :) nice job.
Nice rig, congrats. :)

Curious, why did it need a new tranny at only 114K miles??
I'd check the pink panties on the truck to make sure they are 100% - I've heard they can be troublesome :flipoff2:

Great looking truck - and at that price it sounds like a steal.
They didnt eleborate on the tranny goingout, they just showed me the new tranny and where Lexus installed it, it drives great though.

Heres the Herd. Minus the red J#$P

Sweet find....hope the TU tag was the prior owners.
Sweet find....hope the TU tag was the prior owners.

I saw that immediatly too John...we must be a little angry!

Good news: You took it out of a TU bastid's :mad: hands and will now treat it the way it was intended.

Bad News: You took a locked, low mileage, very clean 80 away from GA...that makes you a bastid too:flipoff2:

Great find and I can't wait to see it progress!


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