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Jun 3, 2009
Hi - some questions I have - solutions / answers most welcomed.
Cruiser is 80 series - Manual - 12V -Diesel engine - IHZ - nozzles recently overhauled.

1. Every time i start up the car (engine cold) - horrible knocking sound from pump / engine whilst idling - 'marbles in a tin can' - dont know if its the pump or the engine. (no blue smoke or hard start mind you) after warming up it quiets down - noise can be heard again on hard acceleration :hmm:
2. Every time I fuel the car it gives me an issue whilst trying to restart - normally after 2 clicks of 'glow plug' ignition vehicle kicks in and starts. But after fueling I have to wait a while and click the ignition several times before it kicks in - happens after filling at various stations (Mobil, Total , Shell) so dont think its the diesel.:confused:
3. Heavy smoke on acceleration - not so much on open road but more so when changing gears and accelerating - can see heavy smoke (especially at night through rear view mirror) - no idea why there is heavy smoke and its not there on start up.
The pump specialist I took car to has opened pump several times and tells me problem is with engine.
Taken car to engine guru and he done a compression test oil change, air filter change etc and tells me all is well and problem is with Pump. One of them is lying.:frown:
I got a big safari comin up and need the cruiser. Any insights / advice will be highly appreciated
Try deisel Tech, mabye admin can move this one?

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