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Mar 1, 2009
Ottawa Canada
I have recently installed a HS 2.8 TGV Diesel into a Manual shift 97 Discovery.
I would be happy to share my experiences (Positive & Negative) with anyone considering this engine swap.
Oct 25, 2009
I am about to buy an HS 2.8 TGV engine from M&D in the UK. It comes with a complete conversion kit to fit it into my Classic Range Rover which currently has a 2.4 VM diesel engine.
So far I can only see "positives", I am interested to know what are the "negatives" in your experience?
Have you had any reliability problems?
What mpg do you get from it?
On one forum somebody said that the 300 Tdi air filter is too small - this is the one that will be supplied by MéD.
Someone else has had problems with the clutch but M&D now supply the heavy duty clutch as standard.

Thanks in advance for any information that you think could be useful.

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