How to switch off 200 series AHC Warning Light?

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May 13, 2019
Hi all,

New to this forum and have been reading up on lots of past discussion on AHC problems but nothing seems to cover regarding the 200 series, so decided to join up and post my problem.

I recently decided to replace the shock absorbers and coils on my 200 series (European model, equipped with AHC), as I wanted an additional 2” lift. Now the problem I’m having is the warning light on the dash is constantly ON! And this is annoying!

Does anyone have an idea how I can switch the warning light off permanently?

Any help greatfully received.
Check YouTube Middle East does it all the time! I believe there’s a video on how to disable the light
To clarify, you ripped out the AHC suspension in place of a static suspension, and you're now getting a warning light as a result?

Most straight forward way is just to rip out the warning bulb in the gauge cluster.

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