How to ID a Mini CV shaft

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Nov 1, 2005
I am looking for a Mini truck front drive shaft to use in the rear of a FJ25 build.
Three speed Toyota T-case and 69 FJ40 rear diff. I think I am looking for a
1984-85 drive shaft . Any photo of how to be sure it is the correct shaft. The local wrecking yard says they have one, I just want to be sure before I buy it.
I will assume that you need it for the angularity right?

If so, get any cv and have highangle Driveline clearance it and retube it for the proper length..
Who are you sending it to?

A "core" shoudl be any Toy CV. Not the 84/85 specifically
From what I have searched the 84-85 front CVs can flex more than other years. Later ones may need to be "clearanced". I was planning on buying one from a local yard. If the length needed to be altered I would have a local driveshaft shop do the work.
Get whichever one you can find that is suitable shape, then send it off to Jess to have the length altered (there is almost no way that it will not need changing) and have the CV clearanced. It is like $40 to get the articulation needed..
You can clearance one your self but it is a PITA to get one apart. Not sure how to tell the difference. I have a clearanced front and a pre ifs in the rear. I will look tonight. If you can measure and weld building one is not all that difficult. I'm sure there are threads on how to do it with a search, but it is a sleved design so getting centered is easy(and the lc and mini shafts are the same size ID), straight takes some careful measuring, and proper estimation of the shrinkage of your tacks. the pro's do it by welding close to striaght and then using compressed air to cool and shrink needed areas of the weld quickly. makes a nice straight shaft. So anyway make sure to measure as you tack and remeasure once it's tacked in a few places to make sure it didn't pull you out of allignment. One good thing is that as long as your tubes are in good shape you should have plenty of length. the CV adds 3-4"? to the driveline so you will actually end up shortening the stock d-shaft a little and adding the double cardain.
Good luck!
are there any other japanese double-cardan joints that work? isuzu,nissan etc?? toy stuff around here is hard to find in the pick-n-pulls but if the same cv is used in other brands then it may be cheaper to find that way. sorry for the hijack, just curious


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