How many 1/2 used tires in your garage? (Or other irrational extras)

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Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Mar 29, 2003
Last week when @LandCruiserPhil posted about finding NOS tires in his garage, it made me address an issue I'm sure others here suffer from too.

-Yep, barely used take-off tires.

I think it started with seasonal / weather changes, I forget.
Then it spiraled to "new season, new tires".

Now I'm sitting on:

Easily 4) 26" tires (buried deep, going from memory)

2) ~80%+ 27.5" tires
A full extra set of 27.5" wheels/tires

-How many tires are all of you sitting on?

As a "cure" I'm rotating my barely used tires to my spare wheels, using them off on solo rides on my local/home loop - switching full wheels when we go as a group to a location trail. It helped me burn off a pair of the 27.5" ones so far.
1 tire, with a bit of tread left. Totally usable if need be.

I left my old Minions with a buddy last year so they don't take up my space. I did have a taco'd wheel hanging on the wall for a year, but just recently cut the spokes out, turfed the wheel and kept the hub. I've been seriously trying to cut back the hanging onto garbage as of late.
Several 26" tires amassed over the years
A few 29"that I didn't like
Lots of random parts from previous builds
Parts for builds that I'm planning (that might even happen, one day...)
Do 5x 31" BFGs count?
Oh man....I've given away a bunch, and still have 8 sets of 700 x ~35 C cyclocross tires, and ~20 700C road tires. Some studded CX tires, but no spares for my MTB, the bike I ride the most!
Currently only have a couple of backup tires in my garage but that is only because I recently went through them to see what condition they were in. Ended up tossing/repurposing 5 other tires.

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