How difficult to swap bench back in to replace buckets?

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Feb 23, 2006
Dallas, TX | Polanco, Mex
I thought it was going to be fairly simple once I found a suitable bench but noticing the Nip/Tuck thread's pictures today I see that a PO must have cut out the bases that mount the bench? Or, are they bolted?

Am I looking at grinding off the current bucket mounts, cutting out some donor bench tower bases and welding them back into my 55?

Here are a couple of pics I found from the PO posting his por15 work:



Thanks for the help!
Yes, the PO has cut out the seat mounts, they are welded in.

You can see the remains of the drivers side mount in your top picture. Nothing against the bench seat (that's what's in my '55) but if it's already swapped out and the mounts gone too I'm not sure I'd be so fast to change it back. Finding a bench seat in good shape is not easy.
Hi Guys, on My opinion, no mather how you place the sits on your pig whats important is to how high the sit is, and what distance do you have bettwen the sit and the steering, it hapend to me, after I place my bucket sits on the car the where at good high but too near to the steering so the was not enough room for my big fat "panza" (baly) I made a bench mount for the sits where I can put also a console in bettwen, i think, now that you take off the original bench mounts, place the sit first fit in position with blocks or pieces of wood, set the horizontal movent of the sit right in the center, sit and check if placement is good you, measure an make a nice strong mount for them.

good luck:banana::banana::banana:

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