Hone Over Drive

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Three on the Tree
Nov 5, 2003
Forest Lake MN
I just picked up a 71 FJ40 parts truck it happens to have a Hone OD unit in it. I'm thinking of installing it in my 71. My truck will spend about 90% of its time on the road and a little time on easy trails. What I've read in here is that either OD unit is weak, but my assumption is they can't handle the extra pressure of off road travel. Will I need to worry about it failing with the use I've described.

It sure would be nice to reduce a few rpms on the street.
Unless you KNOW that the unit works, I would not go through the work of swapping the transfer case assembly over to the other truck, only to find out that the over drive or something else in the transfer case is junk.

The bone a drive requires a special transfer case main shaft, so unless you tear the cases apart, it is not a simple swap from one tcase to the other.


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