Holy Gap! Pictures!

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Sep 18, 2010
Urbandale, Iowa
So I installed the hard top in sections with a lot of cursing and twerking. I mean tweaking.

This is the first time having my hard top on with every bolt in its hole since I completed my restoration a few years ago.

I had a lot of work done to my tub and smacked a tree with my windshield frame. It doesn't look bent. But who knows.

Need opinions. I doubt I will undue this now. Probably will wait until summer. Would have liked to installed the hardtop sides to the roof off the truck vs on. I think that is my issue but I hate bothering people to help me lift crap and move it around.

This gap looks to be a big wind annoyance and clearly not water tight.

Ps. My passenger side looks ok to me.

How big of gap if any is normal?

OEM corner w/s. SOR 108-04 or other vendors.

Yep. Got those. They suppose to fill the gap? I didn't install them tho.
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I put my top on my build a couple of weeks ago. Here's my gap. With corner weather stripping.

Hmmm im guessing mine are missing also. Could be the reason the PO caulked the hell out the corners...
Take a close look at the windshield headers below...there are slight variations in the shape of the ends of the header for the early/mid/late 40 series as well as the overall length of the header.

Didn't realize this until I replaced my first roof cap with another one and thought they were all basically the same part.

Everything else lines up on the cap and technically it will work, but an early cap/header on a late windshield frame will produce a larger gap.

Also the Aqualu windshield frame has a larger gap on the ends.

So you need to use every single weatherstrip.

Another trick to minimize leaks is to buy thin flat weatherstrip (Lowe's or Home Depot) and apply to the backside of the header where it contacts the windshield frame when bolted down.

End of day it's a fully removable top so it's simply going to leak. It's a matter of how little or much...



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