Hnaged up the lids & RTT rack on my CDN M101

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Jan 4, 2007
Always on the Run
Changed the lids so that now I can open 18" at a time therefore now I do not need to have my RTT rack so high up like I did before to open the 3' lids. Worked great, love it. Also added the 150 lb gas springs on each side which when we pull the pins on each corner and let go, it goes right up, no problem, and then we pin in the up position. we ready to leave then one person on each side pulls down from the center, reach over and insert pin in down position. so now even when the RTT is in the down position I have full access to the bed of trailer since it all opens and folds up towards center. I will now put a seal on top edge of trailer and will have a 8" wide piece of UV rated rubber strip to run down each section crack and will be glued down so no water will penetrate. I have three pics in the down/ lower driving position and 3 pics in the up stationary position.

3 pics in up position with lids open diff ways

3 pics in up position with lids open diff ways
Came out awesome bro...great engineering!!!:clap::beer:

gracias, it took some trial by error, but it seems to work for me now, makes life a little easier getting in and out of the bed area. soon it will go on its first camping trip!!!!

Roberto, looks like a nice evolving design.

Are there latches to hold down the lids?
no latches yet, for lids or tailgate. next I X's???

yes on the tires, and love them.. I will get with you on some better pics of how we did the 2 x 4 middle support section out of wood. the lids are 3/4" sandply plywood, with 2 heavy duty stanley hinges for each section. I used round headed carriage bolts so no one can really take it apart from the outside to get into it? thats the best I could think of for now on security. It will have locks and such as well.

theres going to be a seal on top metal edge of trailer so when lids close down on to it it will create seal. I will have heavy duty rubber UV rated strip that goes over each crack where hinges are (approx 6-8" wide) from one side of trailer to the other and will be glued down. water would have to be shooting in directly from the side to get in. a few last things and will have trailer body sandblasted, rust bullted and then painted Toyota 033 white to match LC. also doing DIY herculiner inside.

wow, starting to come together. I like how the top of the lids is still available to carry kayaks or bikes...
yes sir, I have some great holddowns I bought from expedition exchange that easily dismount in which I will mount on outer edge of lids to hold stuff on lids. It is also where my daughter will sleep in which I have a jungle hammock that will lay there.

nice set up!

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