Helping to film a Public Service Annoucement for TNF (1 Viewer)

Apr 9, 2007
Well the Tonto National Forest(TNF) is putting the finishing touches on it's new Travel Management Plan (TPM) and Disabled Explorers was ask to come out and help film the Public Service Annoucements (PSA).

It was very interesting to me to see how concerned the Forest Service folks were about getting the message out to the public about the new Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) that will be coming out soon. They understand that there will never be enough money for enforcement and that without individual responsibility area will continue to be closed due to abuse & misuse. Of course they understand that it is the few who ruin things for the many, and that is why each person really does make a difference.

It was also very very interesting to hear them talk about how important public commentary was in the process and how more people should be involved in the early stages of these plans.

To see more pics and read the rest of the story click here.


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