Helpful Hint: Hose Clamp Orientation

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Dec 24, 2003
Fellas, in the hope it helps ... recently after really flushing my cooling system I noticed I had a super slight seeping of coolant from my lower radiator hose. I looked at the hose clamp really carefully and realized it was not as tight as normal, I could actually see a slight gap between the clamp and the hose in specific spots. At first I thought the metal failed or fatigued when I was opening and closing the clamp so many times to fully flush the system. Then on the second study I realized that i had intentionally moved the clamp to make the tab thingys easier to get a grip on and in that process the clamp was sitting off its old spot. I could actually see that the various perforations in the hose clamp like the triangle and the rectangle were no longer centered over the corresponding protrusions in the hose. Basically those protrusions in the hose were preventing the clamp from clamping down enough to hold the pressure. Soooo the moral of the story is to orient the hose clamps where they were on older hoses and to put the hose clamps in the most manageable position on newer hoses so that as those protrusions form they form where you want them to. Again, just in the hope it helps. :cheers:

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