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Oct 9, 2014
High Point, NC
I am just getting started with the rehab of my 1970 FJ40. Can anyone tell me what this device on the firewall just above the low range linkage is? Thanks in advance!

Is it connected to the brake master cylinder? It looks like it's brake related, perhaps you can include more pics.
The upper line goes to a vacuum connection just above the intake manifold. The twisted line goes inside under the dashboard somewhere. The two lines that go out of the bottom disappear under the body.
That is your 4 wheel drive vacuum switch. It's controlled by the pull cable under your dash labeled F for 4 wheel drive.
That's the vacuum switch that controls the transfer case.
With the engine on, if you pull the F knob you will here it click.
It's part of the vacuum actuated four-wheel-drive system. That cable goes through the firewall and under the dash and the knob has an FD printed on it.

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