Help me ID a part

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Feb 15, 2011
Richardson, TX
I think this is my voltage regulator. Gives about 1.2 ohm on one side and about 56 ohm on the other. The switch runs current through the same terminal, regardless. Is this the voltage regulator?

Which side attaches to the alternator, assuming it is a VR?

Thanks for the help.

Part number is rusted off of the housing...
It is a VR, does it have markings on the terminals?
All markings are unreadable, because the exterior is rusted. The interior is actually very clean, thanks to a cork gasket. One side has a pan head bolt to pinch a fork connector, and the other terminal is a male spade.
2016-07-03 21.07.19.jpg

Hello. I'm new to the forum. I have 1980 BJ40 that I just bought. I have spare parts in the back, but can't recognise where this part comes from...heating somewhere?
thank you for any tips.
That's the heater bypass valve that runs the inside mounts to the engine compartment firewall. Should still be available from Toyota.


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