Heim joints vs. standard tie rod ends?

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Mar 27, 2012
The central california dust bowl
Why use heim joints for the tie rod end instead of the standard type? I would think the heim joints, being exposed and not lived would be more prone to wear from the elements.

I'm needing a cut and turned axle housing and looking at Proffit's kit, along with the high steer kit. I'll need to also change my pitman arm as I currently have heim joints on this rig. Just wondering if there is a reason to retain the heim joints. The only plus to keep them I can think of would be not needing a pickle fork to.remove the heim joints.

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They are more prone to wear from the elements.

Technically, heims are stronger than the tie rod ends they replace, but like you have suggested have more issues from wear due to the elements. Also they aren't street legal in many places, so if you have to do a safety inspection, there is a good chance that you will fail sure to having heims.
I choose to run 3/4" cromo heims w/ teflon coating on all steering connections on 2 trucks due to their double shear capability. I also use these rubber boots from Rod End Seals, Weld In Adapters, Spacers And Reducers Rubber Boots Lock nut jam nuts .They're also used in my panhard bars & axle link connections.

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