HEI question

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Nov 7, 2005
Bainbridge Island, Washington
Just got through searching the FAQ, when I hook up my DUI Dizzy, I just leave the Coil and igniter assy out and stow the plugs or do I connect all of that up and just stow the one plug that goes to the old Dizzy. I'm Kinda embarrassed to ask when these people advertize it as a one wire install? Help Please:confused:
You should have a 10 gauge black wire with a yellow stripe that is connected to the coil/igniter area on the fender....this is switched 12 volts, or should be. This will go to the 'batt' connection on the DUI. You will not use any of the old ignition pieces....except for the spark plugs :)

Just installed on the other day, and did not take any pics.....

Was wondering when this question may pop up....


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