heater valve/draining coolant

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Sep 24, 2007
Trying to remove the the heater hoses(front and rear). Can't seem to get the heater valve to close. It seems to be stuck open since coolant is leaking out. I have pulled on the warm knob and nothing seems to be moving...... Tried to pull and push on the valve with my fingers but can't seem to get anything to move...... What position should it be in to be closed? Should it move freely when you pull the warm knob?

I plan on taking the valve off and cleaning it (read a good post on this) where do I drain the coolant?

Thanks in advance
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Looking At The Pics The Little Lever Should Be Left For Off Or The Plunger Down.drain The Coolant From The Radiator Drain Underneath The Radiator On The Passenger Side.

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