Headlight switch help

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Apr 5, 2005
Have a 65 fj45lwb i am working on right now and need someones help.

For some reason i have yet to figure out the PO had 2 switches hooked in tandem on this thing when i got it, and hardly one light on it worked still.

Anyway on to the question.

Need to know where the wires go on the switch itself. As far as i could figure out this is what i came up with, but had 2 different books and they both said something different.

On the back of the switch are 5 connections.

B - power in
L - rear park
M - meter pilot light ( unsure what this is, maybe dash lights / courtesy light
P - front park
H - dimmer switch

Anyone tell me if i am right or not even close.

A pic is attached of what i pulled out. I am also going back with an EZ wiring harness.

Thanks for any and all help.

i had a switch problem on my 68....i used an ohm meter and alot of trial and error to figure out what wire went where...you might want to get some extra fuses during the trial and error operation...

good luck

Here's what I have from my 64 FSM:

B terminal --R (red) wire to Battery
H term --RW wire to headlights via dimmer switch
P term --GB wire to (Front/bib) parking lights
L term --G wire to rear running lights, and License Plate light if you have one
M terminal --RB wire to the combination meter lights, with a second wire to go to the underdash map light should there be one.

So, basically, just what you said.
Thanks much Idave. I do not have a FSM that goes that far back. And the wiring diagrams i did find were on Treeroots site and could not get them enlarged enough to read the small print.

Thanks again.

Hey Dave do you know how i could put a hazard switch in this by any chance ?
You bet, Darin.
My advice would be to buy the headlight switch that EZ sells, it makes it a whole lot easier to wire up. but that is just me.

Also, for a hazard, tap into the turn signal wires on the column section of the wire harness and hook them up to a toggle.

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