Wanted Headlamp Assy - 'Bulb Holder'

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Feb 17, 2015
Chapel Hill, NC
United States
Hi all,

I have a '97 LX450. One of the tabs in the housing into which you screw the low-beam bulb has broken off. Looking at the actual rear of the assembly, it looks like the 'holder' piece can be removed with three screws and replaced. But, if you try to oder a replacement, you have to order the entire assembly, which is $300 new/$200 used. My problem is that I can't pass inspection without aligned headlights. Any suggestions or ideas where I could get just the 'holder', or if that's even possible? I tried my local salvage yards but no luck.


Reviving this thread to avoid making a new one.

I'm in the same boat as OP, looking for the bulb holder piece and it looks to be discontinued. Any recommendations regarding a replacement or solution?

Looking for the center piece with the screws in it.....
I’d take the good one off the other side, and head down to your local hardware store. Look at their specialty washers, or last resort pick up a piece of heavy plastic..... such as a furniture “coaster”, thin cutting board, or ???! Use your imagination! Then trace good one onto the piece of plastic you bought, cut it out with exacti knive, and POW! DONE! Good luck...... remember, Cruisers are “built, not bought”! Lol

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