Head Gasket Shipping Damage

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Oct 25, 2014
Southeast US
i figured I would ask here but I got a head gasket that had some slight damage to it from shipping. There are a few parts that have separated and one of the edges delaminated a bit from being bent.

My gut says this is a problem but I am open to opinions that differ.

Oh man, you might not sleep well again!
Actually, why did you decide to not use the OEM gasket, if I may ask?
It's the timing cover side, I wouldn't worry about it.
It is an OEM gasket.

Good point on the separation being on the TC side. If it isn't a worry then I will continue forth.
I agree, timing side won't see nearly the pressures the fire rings will.. My OEM head gasket arrived folded right up to the edge of #6 fire ring, I politely exchanged it for a non damaged one and was glad I did!
No worries my man. Thanks for the thoughts. This will be my first HG replacement. It has me a bit intimidated, but I am certain I can do it.
I was in the same boat. Learned a lot. Mostly that the FSM is everything you need. Of course you can do it, and likely better than many professional mechanics who work within constraints you likely won't have. It's very satisfying running your rig after you've done all of this. You hear that engine tick over factory-new and you know you are the one who made that happen.

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