Having some super fun Air Suspension problems!

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Mar 14, 2021
Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing good out there, and thanks for reading this. I'm having some issues with my air suspension, would really appreciate any insight or advice on this.

My build plan involves lifting the GX with an Icon lift in the next 6 months, but I can't lay down the $ for that at the minute. I realize I may end up going that route sooner than I'd like, but figure I'd give the air suspension one last chance to redeem itself.

Initial Symptoms
-Harsh ride, rear air suspension inoperable.

Initial Fix
-Replaced (2) Air bags/springs

Initial Result
- Air suspension control is now operable - LO, N & HI engaging.
-Passenger side rear spring reaches correct height value across LO, N & HI
- Drivers side rear spring does not reach correct height value at LO, N & HI - sits lower.

So currently I have an uneven rear ride height. It's pretty damn cold here in Boston at the minute, so I haven't yet motivated myself to remove + inspect the Height Sensors. I would love to minimize the amount of time I'm outside hoking at this - where would you start first?
Height sensor most likely but if you dont park in a garage, just live with it. Coil spring conversion just on the rear is super easy and I did my 460 in just 2 hours. The 470 (i also have one) is even easier.

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