Hard top pass side panel 77 up

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Feb 27, 2002
In great shape, no structural rust has two or three bubbles with no perforation around the rear curved window. Otherwise in excellent shape, 1 professionally repaired smalll dent in final prime. Originally dune beige, will need to be painted. Has the vent window opening. No glass or rubber other than the rear vent window. 75.00 and freight from 79762. Oh yeah, no post, but I can weld one in if you want.
NOS 052.jpg
NOS 053.jpg
NOS 054.jpg
65.00 bump for price reduction, folks this thing is nice, don't let the rust pic fool ya, there's not any perforation, notice also no rust at the bottom. Please buy it now or I'll be forced to prep and paint it, weld in the post, and stick it on ebay where you can pay 250 for it! Actually, I need the room desperately! :)

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