H41 Gearset for sale

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Sep 17, 2002
United States
Up for sale an H41 gearset out of a Diesel Land Cruiser!

This is a USED gearset that came off a B series 40 with split transfer case (Gearset is from tranny only NOT transfer case)

If you are doing a tranny rebuild, you could save some $ by just swapping the inside guts, use same housing & new bearings, tail shaft & synchros, as I am not including them.

It includes 1st to 4th gear, reverse gear, the little snaprings. Everything you see pictured is included.

Asking price for gearset is $400.00 plus shipping. This gearset is located at DC area. I figure that at this price you could have a full rebuild for less than the asking price of a complete used H41.

Please note that the input shaft provided is for a B series engine. I know H41 input shafts for B and H series are interchangeable, but I have never seen H42s so you better check.

Depending on interest, I may have 1 more H41 gearset for H/F engine by the end of the summer, when I get to travel again.

All proceeds will go to my rigs rebuilt! PM me for more details & pictures.


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