GX470 Coil conversion - rear airbags (isolators necessary?)

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Dec 19, 2020
Hey All,

My airbags are dying. I picked up a set of 2021 4Runner TRD-OR springs in anticipation of this (220K on my 2004GX.)

My question is - are the spring isolators necessary for the conversion? What are the pros and cons? I see MetalTech sells a kit for $90 without, or $280 with the isolators. I'm a bit cash strapped at the moment, so the $90 option is definitely more appealing. Could I add the isolators later (I assume yes.)

I don't do any crazy offroading with my GX, mostly towing my travel trailer, but I would like to be ready for whatever comes my way.

Do I need/want the isolators bad enough to pay the extra $$? Thanks!
The toyota isolators do two things. One is to prevent metal on metal of the coil with the frame. Two is to help cushion a hard drop.

People look for them in the junk yard off a 4Runner or there are some aftermarket ones that are cheaper. Or look for used ones in FB marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay
Yes they are necessary top and bottom.
You can get non-OEM isolators from Ironman for $115 for a pair:

These came with my Foam Cell Pro lift kit and I used them on my GX470 (same part number for a 460). They seemed pretty beefy - no issues so far.

As others mentioned you are definitely going to want them to avoid the metal-on-metal contact at the spring-to-frame contact. Additionally, they will help as a bump stop when you towing and have more weight riding on the rear axle.
They also add a little bit of lift, about 1”

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