Group buy discounted pricing on the Titan TW12 winch with synthetic line and more

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Sep 24, 2011
Was originally a group buy for a local offroad club but thought that mud might as well know about it since mud did have the first official (AFAIK) forum group buy on Titan Winches setup by another mudder. If you search mud for the previous group buy there should be a ton of info there

To open up, I got this email reply from Duncan Robinson at Titan Winches when I asked him if he could do a group buy like one of his old group buys that he hosted on another forum!

"Thanks for your interest in our Winches. I would be more than happy to set up the same deal as before with The Tacoma Forum.
Everything is the same except I now use Stainless Steel Tube Thimbles as opposed to the Schedule 40 black pipe.( they look the same just stainless is shiny)
We also offered discounts on Recovery gear if needed when purchased with Winch.

----end email----

We need atleast 6 people to participate and this will be linked in the Norcal FJC forum!

If you guys do not have a winch and are shopping for a reliable one, this is your chance. Duncan from Titan Winches has agreed to have a group buy for his ultra durable Titan TW12 winch with synthetic line. Duncan is known as a meticulous person on the FJC forum and other forums when dealing with his winches and always goes the extra mile. Here he is once again pulling through for the wheeling community.

If you look through the Titan website, you'll see that Duncan is selling the standard TW12 for $450 and the TW12 with synthetic line for $625. In this group buy, the Titan Winch with synthetic line will be $580 CAD+shipping(check your exchange rate for more accurate pricing) and will come with the following items.

Titan TW12 winch with the Dyneema line, safety hook, chorded remote, wireless remote(already a bonus there), and as an added bonus he will throw in the tire deflators for FREE!

Tire deflators are found here:
Titan Offroad Recovery Gear - TIRE DEFLATORS (Powered by CubeCart)
Titan TW12 with synthetic line is located here(comes with the dyneema synthetic line, safety hook, wireless and corded remote, and the hawse fairlead(check your bumper specs to make sure you do not need some kind of offset fairlead)...the solenoid is a Thompson Solenoid which is rated at 550 Amps according to my email from Duncan.

Titan Offroad Recovery Gear - TW12 12,000LB WINCH (Powered by CubeCart)

The Dyneema line is shown as a $220 CAD value and comes with the rock guard

Titan Offroad Recovery Gear - 3/8" DYNEEMA WINCH LINE (Powered by CubeCart)

SO basically all the items mentioned above for $580 CAD + shipping. He does ship to the U.S. and you need to contact him to setup your purchase but there is one more added bonus for those of you who are currently shopping for recovery gear, he is also open to having discounts on other recovery items on tree saver straps, shackles, etc...I will post pricing on those items when I get another email back from him.

Additional items that can be added to your order:
From Duncan:

GB price(Original Price)
18k Pulley Block $30.00($50)
Tree Saver $25.00($40)
¾” shackles $8.00($14)
Winch Extension Strap $45.00($65)
Titan Max Compressor $110.00($150)

Basically the package for the winch, synthetic line, and deflators will cost $450+$220+$35=$705 if purchased separately but will cost $580 CAD+shipping($569.41 U.S. as of 7/23/2012) in this group buy!

Contact info for Duncan is as follows: OR 905-637-1637
just shoot him a message and I am sure he will be more than happy to help!

Lastly, I know you guys are looking for warranty is 1 year warranty for electrical and 2 years for mechanical.

So lets get this group buy going so we can have us some winches at a discounted price.

If you have more questions, just send me a pm or send Duncan an email and your answer will be answered quickly!

This is a great value for a winch and is durable, stout and all you can wish for! You can look around and search to see for yourself!:D

If you have local friends who need a winch, you can most likely share shipping to save some $$$$! Photos below taken from the titan winch site

As of now, there is no closing date on this group buy so contact Duncan if you want to place an order!
Any chance of getting another GB together? I'm in need of a winch and would love to have this winch. Also the exchange rate is more in our favor now at 0.89 USD to 1 CAD.

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