Gorilla Work Platform Receiver Hitch Mod

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Sep 27, 2012
Sweetwater, TN (East of Knoxville)
I recently obtained a RTT which is amazing but I'm too short (6'1") to reach it effectively to deploy and repackage it effectively. Standing on the sliders and tires is a PITA and I'm still too low or too far from where I need to reach most of the time. I ended up buying the fantastic Gorilla Aluminum Pro Slim Folding Work Platform which raises to 4x adjustable working heights - 20", 23", 27" and 30". It also triples as a stool for the tent, a very stable and heat resistant table for camp food prep and an awesome bench. It has stabilizing legs that extend about 6" on either side and has a 300lb capacity to boot! I can't say enough good things about this ladder except that it's big. It's about 55"x14"x7" when folded which is too long to fit anywhere on my truck. So, after drawing up some ideas, my fabricator made up a simple steel bracket that goes into my receiver and it's all bolted to the aluminum Gorilla platform's tread. It's very stable and not too much added weight.

It works great and the clearance isn't an issue. The only problem is that there's a plastic bumper that goes around the Gorilla that is directly behind my exhaust pipe and it melted and distorted. The aluminum platform is fine but the plastic, not so much. I'm not too worried about the plastic but it's an issue. You can see on that last pic where it's melted.

Link: Gorilla Ladders 55 in. x 14 in. x 30 in. Aluminum Heavy-Duty Adjustable-Height PRO Slim-Fold Work Platform with 300 lbs. Load Capacity-GLWP-55A - The Home Depot





Here's some pics of the bracket it self. Pretty straight forward. The main plate has a couple of gussets to prevent tweaking and has 1x2 channel acting as solid spacers to fasten the platform to the steel bracket. I originally requested aluminum plate welded to the platform but was unaware of how brittle aluminum can be and decided to go with a steel bolt on design.

The receiver tube isn't in the way when deployed.

I'm also looking at setting up a receiver tube mount on my Prinsu rack cross bar right above my sun roof. If clearance became an issue during a trip, I could toss it on the rack and secure using the receiver tube. It may require a short piece of pool noodle to protect the solar panel. I need to play with that a bit still but i want to have a Plan B option for difficult runs. I may just get a receiver insert that raises the receiver tube up a few inches but I'm not sure it would work any differently given how much my receiver sticks out.

I could always go with an in-the-bumper mount like Slee sells but then it won't clear my hatch, would block my plate and render my backup lights useless.

I'm planning on replacing the bolts with rounded bolts, similar to a simple carriage bolt.





Good idea.

It also looks that one could mount the ladder flat with the legs pointing up and use it for storage too? Double duty!
Good idea.

It also looks that one could mount the ladder flat with the legs pointing up and use it for storage too? Double duty!
That's a solid idea!
I just stood on my sliders and the top of my rear tires when I had my tent on the roof (6'tall with 315's and OME suspension) . And say goodbye to departure angle with that hanging off the back.
I end up on standing on the painted bumper portions more often than I like and could use another couple of inches of reach on the sliders. The worst part is that one hand is always busy hanging onto the truck so wrapping up the overhang of the tent is a challenge.

Departure angle is addressed with Plan B and if need be, I can always pop a riser in or lay it across the 2nd row floor. For many runs where I'm camping, it's not an issue. Remember, it's also my camp table so that's one less thing to bring.

It's not for everyone.
Saw this on another forum....

Saw this on another forum....

Yeah, I've been following that setup for a few years. Neat niche. I saw it was at Expo West but pricing is more than the tent at about $1,200.
I am in the exact same boat. I find that the platform makes deploying and retracting the tent so much easier. Plus it is handy around the camp. However, I fear that it will be damaged back there over uneven, steep terrain. Very curious how it works out.

I'm also thinking of other places to mount it.
This setup is mainly for family camping or non technical runs, especially when there is no room in the 2nd row floor which is Plan A.This new mount is really Plan B. When it comes back from powdercoat, I'll play with a roof mount "Plan C" option using this receiver setup. My configurations always have to very flexible depending on the load out, number of passengers, trail, camping or not, and still be ready to drive to the office and fit in parking garages. :p
Received the mount back from powder coat. I think it turned out pretty nice and blends with the aluminum well.



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