Goofy connector on some IPF 900 (1 Viewer)

Jun 20, 2014
I yanked these lights off my Cruiser after I first bought it from an out of state seller because I didn't have light covers for them and thus wouldn't pass state inspection.

They didn't work before I took them off, but I suspect that's due to the dysmall wiring that I've been uncovering as I explore the engine post-diesel swap.

Anyway, I can't seem to find the connector that mates with the light and I'd like the test them out to make sure they work before I go to the effort to find everything I ripped out and begin reinstalling.

Anyone have any idea what this goofy four pin connector is that goes to the light? I can't find it on any of IPF's vendors' sites so I have no idea what each pin is.

Thanks in advance.

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