Going to college!

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Aug 28, 2007
Hey everyone, next year I will be going to messiah college in Grantham, PA. It does not look like I will be able to have my truck there for at least the first half of the year. Id like to see if anyone lives in that area that might be willing to give me rides up to RC every now and then. The address is One College Avenue, Grantham, Pa 17027. Lucky for me this will actually be closer to RC then where I am at now in Delaware:)
The funny part is that you think you will have time to go to RC and keep a decent GPA. I'm glad you are going now. It really sucks when you are older.:bang: Congrats on getting into school.:clap:
Hey, congratulations! My mom went to Messiah (second time around, my brother and I got in the way of the first try at college). I live about 20 miles down the ridge you see across rt. 15.

Sean's up in Camp Hill, Mike's (mls57jax) in the area, and Matt (racefanmartin) as well.

And of course JT is up in Marysville (jtaco).

And I know I missed a couple.

Good luck with school!

Congrats Chris, like Brett said, Sean is probably your closest, I actually work about 10-15 minutes from Campus up accross from the Rossmoyne Bussiness Park. If I have no, one with me or you need a ride up and I am going, feel free.
I go up a good bit when my junks not broke. If I have an open seat your welcome to it. But I do camp overnite a lot.

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