GodZilla issues

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Jan 7, 2015
Lehigh Valley
2 part question and BTW thanks for a great site, just joined. My ride is a 3 owner(me as the 3rd) suv.
1997 fzj80 with 155k on the clock. 1st owner religiously serviced the vehicle at a south east PA Toyota dealership. Have records till 154,500 miles. Second owner had the suv for 3 years and put 300 miles on so This Godzilla sat a bit for a few years. I have since cleaned the fuel system, installed new plugs, wires distributor and rotor. Two silly things I did. After completing(I thought)the tine up I realized I didn't put in a new plug in #3. No big deal. 99% of the work I did from sitting inside the engine bay. I'm only 5'5"
As I was outside the engine bay, tightening the cap screws, I inadvertently leaned on the 3/4" rubber hose at the top of the radiator. The plastic post inside the hose snapped and left me with 1/4" of plastic post to reattach the rubber hose to. I used a hose clamp and it seams tight with no leaks. I'm concerned once the temps rise(summer) I may have a problem.
#1. Can I replace the top of the radiator and from where can I get it?

#2 I get a steady radio whine, zing, interference(almost like a dog whistle)at any speed, running or not, cd, radio and tape. This is after tune up and was apparent before tune up but increased in pitch with acceleration before tune up and was intermittent. Also upon start up before and after tune up, radio squelches for a second or two. What to do????

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be accurate as I have searched and not found specific items related.
Thanks for reading and replying.
The tube on the top of the radiator can be replaced ....with a new radiator. Otherwise, there may be a radiator shop that can replace the tank for you. That will be in the $100 range plus your time.

A NEW factory radiator is $385 from CDan in Albuquerque, NM. It is a good opportunity to flush the cooling system, replace the typically changed out green back to Toyota Red, and fix the common cooling system issues, such as PHH (Do a Search) and install a NEW radiator that has not had years of heat cycling and waiting to explode (yes, seriously...)

Has the head gasket ever been replaced? If not, you may be due in the next 50K. Mine was done on my 96 at 145K. My radiator EXPLODED at 221K. Just got it back on the road a month ago. I did lots of "while you're in there" stuff. Seems like every time something happens, it's $1K....even if I do the work.....

Depending on your intended use, your wrenching ability, and how deep your pockets are, you can fix a lot of problems before they become one.

Welcome to the forum!!!!! :flipoff2:

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