Gear whine

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Jun 13, 2005
East Glenville, NY
Hey guys, this may be a simple question but.... sometime the obvious in right in front of you.I just got done reinstalling my PTO box to my transfer case (installed for years, minor mishap in the woods removed the drain plug). SInce I reinstalled it, I am hearing a wicked gear whine that I don't ever remember hearing from my truck. I used the OEM gasket with no sealer.... I am wondering id I need to shim it out a bit? I looked in all of my OEM service manuals but, they don't say anything about it....Any help would be great!Thanks, Chris
This gear whine you are talking about only occurs when you are operating the PTO gearbox, correct?

It is not uncommon to have to stack a couple gaskets to get the gears to mesh smoothly on the PTO boxes.

No, the whine is when driving down the road..... I haven't operated the winch yet.

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