FZJ80 Scam

May 7, 2014
DFW & Durango
So I'm relatively new to the 80 world and I already want another one. When we bought our 94 about 8 months ago, my wife and I made a deal. It would be "hers" and I couldn't go all out. I could put lockers on it, new tires, and upgrade the stereo. Done. I had no idea how much I'd love the thing and I got permission to buy my own and I could do whatever I wanted to it. Yeah!

I've looked off and on and I thought I'd found an overlooked gem. 95 with 109k miles and the pics were awesome. Before you cry foul, my 94 only had 94.5k miles and it was awesome too. So I do believe in unicorns. Started emailing with the owner. He claimed to be deployed in the U.K. and had contracted with a company in the states to sell the vehicle for him. Military guy, I respect that. Since I bought my 94 through a consignment shop in CA, I'm not alarmed. He sends me an Autocheck-says it's one owner and has been in CA and NV it's whole life. My 94 came out of CA; I'm stoked. However, I pull my own CARFAX-mileage agrees, but the car looks to be out of GA. I send some aditional emails. Owner claims he bought in Georgia, but went to CA with it. It's a military thing. How can CARFAX know where the car is all of the time? Did I mention it looks awesome? Days go by. I pull my own Autocheck; it agrees with the CARFAX. Ok, it's a GA car...only 109k miles. I email him. Let's do this.

Owner sends me a link to a website for the company handling the sale and a code for his account. Money to go into an escrow account. Website tells me to download a PDF which I do. I send it to the printer... By the time I get back to my desk the IT security guy is calling me a bit excited. He got a warning. My computer just contacted Belize.

So apparently this type of thing happens all the time. I never dreamed that there were people out there trolling for Land Cruiser enthusiasts to bilk you out of your money. Be warned. I saw the warning signs, and got fixated on the prize. Luckily I never sent any money or important data.

GW Nugget

Do the best you can with what you have...
Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
I saw that same rig 2.5 years ago.
White with tan interior... I believe.
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