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May 2, 2008
Columbia, MO
Hello everyone
Im in the middle of purchasing a 94 Cruiser with leather and 3rd row 162k miles with only the little rust spot under the back window. is $4200 too much? From what ive seen in the classifieds here it seems pretty good. It from a local dealer who ive delt with professionally for a long time now, they got it in on trade and are dumping it because they specialize in Hondas and Toyotas and right now theyve got 12 Civics and 10 Corollas because thats whats selling right now with gas prices, so basically im getting it right over there cost, I looked it over and it needed an a/c belt (the tensioner belt broke and the prev owner took the belt off instead of replacing the tensioner) I just put a belt on and manually tensioned the pulley tighted the pulley back down and shes blowing ice cold, it also needs front pads, but I can probably get some Bendix for free from one of our suppliers for my personal cars. Anyway I dont have alot of history with Off-Roading but I certainly have gotten the bug. My last (and only) excursion ended badly. I bought a 1995 Montero LS from a buddy for 700 bucks, put a starter on it, adjusted the front torsion bars all the way up (3" lift) fabbed up a bull bar and a snorkel, as well as a shorty high (read above frame) exit exhaust and took it on its maiden voyage (it had 31" BFG all terrains 5 of them and they were brand new!) on that voyage I got stuck, and my dumb a$$ went out alone. Stuck in this ditch it got hot sitting at idle and with all the oil leaks this old 250k Terro had the car caught fire, I watched it burn to the ground right in front of me. thats why the SN NoMoreFires!

I do have a buddy who helped me get the remains out of the field it was in though, and with $crap metal prices so high we got almost $300 back LOL that was some adventure I tell ya, we tryed my buddys 1g 4runner (Rusty as we call her) (it got it out of the ditch but couldnt get it any further) so we called in his 94 Burban 4x4 454 which as fate would have it the 4wheel drive went out that day (crappy GM design) so we borrowed a friends 03 6.0 turbodiesel F250 4x4, by god that dragged the Terro all the way out of the field to the triler which we hauled it off with (diesels RULE!) Anyway now you guys know some of my story.

BTW since im buying this LC anyone want to buy my 02 Maxima 6speed???
Dude, whatever you do, don't try meth! :D

I can't say much for price--have you tried KBB? $4200 sounds pretty cheap if it's in good shape, but if the dealer is dumping it wholesale to you, could be in the ballpark.

Welcome to MUD :flipoff2:

Sounds like you're not afraid of wrenching--good thing--this site will make you do it even if you don't need to!

That's a pretty good price for around here. Not sure elsewhere. I assume it doesn't have lockers?
Your wheeling adventure sounds an aweful lot like my first wheeling experience. Mine doesn't involve a fire, though.
Sounds like a pretty good deal if the trucks in good shape.
Do yourself s favor though, Land Cruisers really like dealer parts..... aftermarket stuff tends to not last very long. We have a Toyota parts guy on Mud (Dan) with American Toyota that gives us a good deal (Im just a happy customer)

Welcome to the sickness...:D
Price sounds fair, check for signs of coolant leak, especially towards the back of the engine, and might even pull #6 spark plug, check the front axles, and good luck
No lockers and a few minor issues. one wheel bearing is a tiny bit loose and the ft pads are thin, but I am a service manager at a shop so I have multiple lifts at my disposal 60 hours a week, YAY I dont really enjoy getting dirty though unless its on my own car...I checked for a headgasket leak and found none-a little valve cover gasket leak, but hey its an old toyota, I will be wanting to do plugs and wires though as the wires on it look original (have the cyl numbers market on them, theyre original or replaced with oem) I plan on doing most all of the work myself and I have access to alot of tools. I also have an unbelievably good exhaust guy whos welds always look factory, so im thinking a flowmaster or areo turbine muffler is in store in the near future.:p

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