Fun Day at the Boat Launch

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"Lightly used Ford Explorer, only used to tow boat. Great shape inside and out, needs a small detail job"
I saw an incident similar to that a few years ago out on the spit to the Tsawassen ferry terminal. No one was in a real hurry to extract the truck, and when I asked why I was informed it had already been under one tide change.
Isn't there a country song that resembles that situation?

yep, here it is:
Corb Lund - Truck Got Stuck - YouTube

I loved that vid when the song came out. Been a while since I saw it. Nothing worse than Sask clay gumbo. I remember my uncle having to drag our station wagon through that stuff for a mile to the farm house after my dad refused to leave it at the pavement. I think it went to the wrecker years later with dried gumbo still stuck underneath it. :hillbilly: Dad regretted not taking my uncles advice for many years.
He's got the right idea?

Cant believe this still happens esp. in the ocean. Mike

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