Fuel tank wheres your?

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Mar 25, 2005
Spring, Texas
well last time i went wheelin i put a hole in my stock tank its a 79 so it under the cruiser and i was think about just putting a fuel cell in the back or having my buddy make me one to go behind the seats. what have you guys done and does anymore know where i can find wheels with better back spacing?
well iv got a 8 point cage so i dont think anything should hurt it and i never run my top so smells are not a big deal.
I have a 70 and a 74 so they are both under the passenger seat. I like having it there for safety reasons. If it's going to get punctured something has to make it all the way through the tub first. As for smelly, I would prefer to smell a fuel leak and know its there so I can fix it for safety reasons. Just my two cents

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