Fuel cutout help please

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Apr 24, 2010
Hey all, been a long time since ive been on the forum. Im hoping someone can help me out with this problem i have with my truck (91 FJ80). It has been cutting out while driving, sucking but seemingly not getting any fuel, I will let of the gas & it will straighten out for a while until it happens again. Does a fuel pump go out gradually or does it show signs of it over a period of time? Hoping its just a fuel filter. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully ive explained well enough, If not i apologize in advance:cheers:
Usually a fuel pump that is going out will work at first, then once it heats up it cuts out, and won't work properly till it cools back down. Doesn't sound like the case for you.
There's a "fuel sock" pre-filter in the gas tank.

That's more likely to be your issue than a bad fuel pump.

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